Are you starting to see Spiders in your house?

Do not let it get worse !

Spider  Extermination

Groupe AZ Extermination exterminator spider

Common name: Spider

Latin name: aranea

Appearance: Spiders have eight legs and their body is divided into two parts: the abdomen and cephalothorax (fused head and thorax).

Habits: Silk-die at the tip of the abdomen secrete silk that spiders use to spin their webs, traps and transportation and to wrap their prey and weave a cocoon to protect their eggs.

Nourishment: Spiders are limited to a liquid diet. After capturing their prey, they suck the blood then permeate and inject it with saliva contains digestive enzymes, turning the prey in a soup that is drawn. All spiders are, to some extent, venomous, even the few species whose venom glands secrete a gum they spit on their prey either to immobilize or kill them.

Reproduction: The majority of Canada’s spiders have a life cycle of one or two years. Dwarf spiders (family Linyphiidae) can lay only eight to ten eggs while the black widow (family Theridiidae) can lay 1,000 or more. In Canada, in the fields of grass, the density of spiders can reach more than two million per hectare.

Other: There are about 39,000 species in the world, but it is estimated that there are 170 000. In Canada, there are nearly 1400 species, including two species of tarantulas (Antrodiaetus Sphodros pacificus and Niger) and two species of black widow spiders (genus Lactrodectus mactans satrodectus variolus and L. hesperus) living in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

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