This phrase is all too common when we see discussions about parking sensors, onboard cameras, and other Advanced driver-assistance systems. The unfortunate reality is that we are a lot worse drivers than we really think we are. While ADAS and parking sensors are no substitute for careful and alert driving, they are powerful compliments to achieving the ultimate safe driving experience. In this blog we’ll take a look at how many cars actually don’t have these systems and because of it, how much financial damage and loss of life is caused every year.

The lack of driving safety systems is…
– Low speed traffic incidents cause over $6 billion in damage annually in the United States
– The Average repair for vehicles involved in fender benders is over $2,000
– OSHA research shows that traffic incidents are the #1 cause of death in the workplace with over 1,750 deaths per year.
– At least fifty children are being backed over by vehicles every week with many of them being between the ages of 13 to 20 months.
– Over 60% of backing up incidents involved a larger size vehicle (truck, van, SUV).
– There are over 230 deaths and 13,000 injuries per year in the US specifically from back overs (Reference:
Get more facts about this from our friends at and please donate to their cause for making the roads safer for our children.



Rear view cameras and sensors can save up to 60% of backup related accidents and still 80% of cars do not have backup cameras or parking sensors. Why? This is because the average car on the road in the US is 11 years old, and today many brand new vehicles lack front parking sensors or as of last year before the 2018 law requiring backup cameras on all new vehicles, also lacked backup cameras. So, whether you’re using parking sensors or a backup camera to detect the curb in front of your car or alerting you if there is an object you can’t see behind your vehicle, these devices are extremely helpful for added convenience and safety. And that’s why these systems are important and why you should consider one for your vehicle, no matter how good of a driver you think you are.


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