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If you are feeling good, you look good, you are confident about yourself, you are going to go out there, and you will rock it. Michelle Carter



Infinite Style by Ann Taylor is a clothing rental subscription service where you can enjoy unlimited free shipping and exchanges on a wide selection of Ann Taylor garments for a flat fee of $95/month.  Rent, Return, Repeat. Sign up for Infinite Style by Ann Taylor now!                Simply sign up and add your clothing choices to your virtual closet – it’s exactly like shopping. New styles are launched weekly. Infinite Style will select 3 pieces of clothing from your virtual closet and ship them directly to your door. Wear them as much as you want. When you’re ready for a fresh set of 3 garments, simply send your current set of 3 back with the prepaid return bag that comes in each box and we’ll send you 3 new items from your closet. You can receive over 12 items a month.

Always have a fresh wardrobe. Always be on trend and in season. Always have the latest from the Ann Taylor selection. No waiting for anything to go on-sale. You’ll never wonder what to wear again. The Ann Taylor closet is now your closet. And if you love something you can purchase it at a discount.

Create an ultimate wardrobe with unlimited exchanges and free laundry. Only at Infinite Style by Ann Taylor!



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