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Weather-Tight Pet Door ever made
Give your dog or cat freedom to come & go as they please … while keeping your home insulated, secure, and “pet accident”-free

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If you are looking for a pet door there are some important elements to consider. Considering your dog is going to open the dog door with their face, you owe it to your pet to choose a doggy door that has a flexible flap.

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The problem with flexible flaps is that they shrink when they get cold. This unfortunately means that when it’s coldest and you need your dog door to seal its best, it will actually seal its worse. What? Really?? Sad but true for most flexible flaps, but this is what separates the Endura Flap® from the rest.

The Endura Flap® was designed specifically because this is such an unfortunate dilemna. The solution to have a truely 4­ season, flexible pet door was to incorporate a unique, patented system of magnets that cover all the edges of the pet door. Essentially the Endura Flap® starts undersized, but then grows with magnets around it’s accordian like bellows to seal regardless of how cold it is outside.

What is it that makes for a great pet door??

It’s the Flap!

Yes, the design of the frame matters and the interaction between the flap and the frame matters. But if you haven’t got a great flap to put in that frame, you can’t possibly have a great pet door.

Patio Pacific Inc has specialized in the sale of dog doors and cat doors for over 35 years. During that time, we have handled every pet door ever made. While many of these have been excellent in one respect or another, none has ever combined all the best features into one product.

No Pet Door On The Market Has Ever Met This Standard Until Now…

By the way, you may have noticed the green badge on all of the Endura Flap® pet door images. That’s the Fancy Publications Editors’ Choice Award for Innovation and Creativity. No other pet door on the market today has received that award! Just the Endura Flap® pet door line.

The perfect pet door should… Read more here ……..

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