Ischia Sea Bass Tortelloni with Yellow Datterini Tomato Sauce & Samphire

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Sea bass is a white, textured fish that is native to the waters surrounding the western volcanic island of Ischia. While sea bass tend to live in cooler oceans, they also, somewhat unusually, inhabit the warmer waters of the Gulf of Naples, which gives Italian sea bass a slightly different flavour.  Our sea bass tortelloni are paired with a delicious yellow datterini tomato sauce.

The first record of Italian tomatoes dates back to 1548, but back then, tomatoes were seen purely as decorative arrangements. It wasn’t until the 17th or 18th century that tomatoes became essential to Italian cuisine, inspired by Spanish dishes. Datterini tomatoes are small, fleshy and sweet. This dish is finished with samphire and extra virgin olive oil, which complement the delicate flavours of the tortelloni. See  more ……..

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