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Black Friday Jewellery You Need To Get Your Hands On  

Posted on Nov 19, 2018

It’s here. The long-awaited Black Friday spectacular event, where we have a HUGE range of luxury handcrafted jewellery pieces available at incredible prices. We’re spoiling you this year with amazing bargains of up to 60% off. Take a look at our top picks, and see what gorgeous items are available to you from November 19th-26th.

Do you usually get stressed about Black Friday shopping? On the high street, you have to contend with the long queues, the pushing, the shoving and the waves of panic that set in as a result. Here at JewelStreet we offer all the benefits of a Black Friday sale, with none of the hassle.

You’re at the front of the queue this year, and you’re guaranteed to get your hands on some luxurious and exclusive jewellery pieces. What are you waiting for?

60% off Lumitoro
Get a head start on your Christmas shopping, and choose from exclusive pieces that you cannot find on the high street. Take advantage of these incredible Black Friday deals for 8 whole days. It’s the perfect time to treat yourself and your loved ones. Don’t miss out!

Lumitoro are offering an incredible 60% off, and you would be crazy not to take advantage of this exclusive Black Friday deal. The Tubii Ring, Pendant and Earrings in Matte Black Steel are a small selection of many items that you can get for more than half the price!

These stunning textured pieces exude sophistication with an edge.  You can buy the whole matching set for a fraction of the price it would normally cost. What are you waiting for?

Lumitoro | Tubii Earrings Matte Black Steel | £80.00 £32.00
Lumitoro | Tubii Ring II Matte Black Steel | £69.00 £27.60
Lumitoro | Tubii Pendant Matte Black Steel | £212.00 £84.80

20% off Latelita London
Have you been eyeing up these earrings from Latelita London and weren’t sure whether to take the plunge? Now is the time. Shop your favourite designers at reduced prices, and enjoy fantastic savings with some of our best offers yet.

Latelita’s designs feature signature sparkles and quality materials. These can of course be worn all year round, but there is something about the celestial stars that just scream Christmas

Latelita London | The Silver Star Burst Brushed Teardrop Earrings | £99.00 £79.20
Latelita London | Rose Gold Plated Silver Star Burst Brushed Metal Coin Drop Earrings | £89.00 £71.20
Latelita London | Rose Gold Plated Silver Star Burst Brushed Teardrop Earrings | £99.00 £79.20

40% off VOA Fine Jewellery
Grab 40% off VOA Fine Jewellery, a brand renowned for its meticulous quality control and luxury materials. Each and every gem that features within the pieces has been hand-picked by gemologist – and talented designer – Vira.

These three rings are part of the Signature Sapphire Collection, which is home to an array of eye-catching, shimmering and enchanting eternity style rings. These are wearable on an everyday basis, but can also elevate your style for a night time event.

VOA Fine Jewellery | Signature Emerald Pink Eternity Ring | £2,110.00 £1,266.00
VOA Fine Jewellery | Signature Oval White Eternity Ring | £1,388.00 £832.80
VOA Fine Jewellery | Signature Emerald Yellow Eternity Ring | £1,461.00 £876.60

25% off Imperfect Grace
You have access to an amazing 25% off the Imperfect Grace collection. The brand is characterised by its colourful and mesmerising pieces that incorporate the intricate patterns and radiant color-palette of Ukrainian embroidery. You won’t find handcrafted items like these on the high street.

Imperfect Grace is known for its uniqueness and versatility, with pieces that are stackable and joinable, that work seamlessly together and on their own.

Get ready, get steady, and shop ‘til your heart’s content.

Imperfect Grace | Yellow Gold Svitlana Diamond-Shaped Ring With Pink Sapphires and Rubies | £631.00 £473.25
Imperfect Grace | Yellow Gold Svitlana Diamond -Shaped Ring With Mixed Gems | £725.00 £543.75

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