After you’ve found the perfect frame, choosing your lenses is one of the last steps to buying glasses online.

There are a number of options, so you’re sure to find a solution for your individual eyecare needs.

Based on your prescription and the specific use you require from your lenses, you can select thinner options or even build your own prescription sunglasses. All lenses come with a scratch-resistant coating and you also have the option to upgrade to the high-index Thin Air Lenses to ensure your lenses are even thinner, lighter, and UV protected.

With a low prescription, consider choosing Standard Air Lenses with Anti-Reflective coating, which means you don’t have to worry about unwanted glare blocking your vision.

For those who spend quite a bit of time in front of digital screens on a daily basis, you can also order a pair of digital protection lenses (more specifically BlueReflect lenses) to wear while you’re working. If you spend extended periods of time in front of your computer, phone, or television, this is a great option.

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