A suit adds gravitas in the look of a man. It brings out an aura of style in his personality and makes him look like a true gentleman. Besides, a suit is an essential clothing item in a men’s wardrobe that he can wear to dress up for a formal event.
No matter if you are a businessman, a C-level employee in a corporation or a man who loves elegant dressing, a suit is what you will need in your closet. The blazer, the shirt and the pant, everything is just classy about a suit. Unlike casual clothes like a denim jacket and denim jeans with custom made patches, a suit is what makes you look dapper and opulent.
Nowadays, fashion designers and sports uniforms manufacturers widely use custom patches (embroidered patches) to brand their fashion clothing products. Embroidery is a classic way to modify clothes, jackets, shirts, and caps. A custom patch as a logo looks much better than an ugly tag. In sports, custom iron on patches are commonly used by fans. You can see fans wearing baseball caps with their favourite team’s logo.
Luckily, there are many excellent men’s suit brands that are known for their exquisite cut and impeccable fit. From American cut to Italian silhouette, these are some of the best brands that sells the best suits for men:
1. Armani
From its dabbling in Hollywood to becoming a household name, Armani has proved its mettle in men’s suiting and it is currently the most coveted clothier for men.
This Italian brand is known for its sharp suit designs that reflect the typical Italian tailoring. Unlike the American or British suits, the Italian suit has sleeker cut that fit closely to the body and this is what Amani offers to the men.
Armani uses the finest wool and gabardine fabric to manufacturer suits that feels soft and light on the body. The brand has the most appropriate colors and patterns to suit any taste and body type though majority of its suits are suitable for the men with slim body.
However, Armani is a bit pricey as compared to other brands in this list since it sells exclusively tailored suits for men who have a high taste in clothing.
2. Burberry
We know Burberry as the brand that sells the best trench coat. But the company is also a maestro in men’s suiting. Unlike Armani, it doesn’t sell tailored suits and only offer ready-to-wear men’s suits. While it started as an outerwear brand, this luxury fashion brand has piqued the interest of men for its suits that have a perfect fit and style.
The cuts are similar to Italian style except that the gorge is much lower which is a standard in the British style of suit. The Burberry suits are made from wool and they are available in patterns ranging from check and Birdseye to chalk stripe and pinstripe. It has both single-breasted and double-breasted suits for the young and old.
3. Brooks Brothers
If you are a patron of English-inspired suiting that has vents on the sides of a jacket and has flap pockets, then there can’t be a better brand than Brooks Brothers. The charcoal gray suit is the staple product of this brand that features the two-button jacket and low-gorge lapel which make a man look elegant without making him appear overstated.
But there are plenty of other colors and patterns and you might feel confused to choose one that fits your taste. From herringbone and houndstooth to Birdseye and chalk stripe, you will find a range of patterns to suit your taste.
4. Gucci
The powerhouse of luxury clothing, Gucci is known for its slim-fit suits that makes the funkiest suits for men. The eclectic colors, the flashy fabric and the glitzy patterns, everything is just avant-garde with this Italian brand. The suits made by this company has a contemporary look which makes you stand out from the crowd and still keeps you understated.
But if you are not comfortable with a jazzy look, you can find the most elegant pieces of suits that will bring the gentleman out of you. And Gucci sells the best loafers in the world that have custom made patches on its vamp. So you have the chicest boots to pair with your suit.
5. Prada
The brand of the royals, Prada is a prestigious name in men’s clothing. A favorite of the Hollywood hunks like Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort and Andrew Garfield who frequently wears Prada on the red carpet. The Prada brand has an air of sophistication which sets it apart from the rest. It is known for making somber suits that enhance the class of a man.
Prada makes the classic two-button suit which has an incredible fit and clean design. There is a wide variety of colors that you can choose from. The blazers are available in both notch lapel and shawl lapel. The majority of suits are made from wool and mohair fabrics.
6. Dolce & Gabbana
If there is one brand that is truly artistic in men’s suiting, it has to be Dolce & Gabbana. The brand is famous for its pinstripe suits which is the most-loved pattern for the men. The brand sells more prints than any other men’s suiting brand and it makes the best jacquard print which is a favorite of the bratty boys.
And if you have a fascination for sleek silhouette then Dolce & Gabbana is your go-to brand to find the best suits that snug perfectly to your body.
7. Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss is popular for its two types of products, i.e. fragrance and suits. The company has a collection of some of the stylish suits that are known for their sharp cut and eye-popping designs. The suits have a soft construction and smooth lining that are two signatures of Hugo Boss.
The suits are available in different materials including wool, cotton and linen and you can pick the color and pattern according to your taste. Besides, you can choose the right fit based on the measurements of your body as the brand offers the fit from relaxed fit to extra-slim fit.
8. Saint Laurent
Slim-cut and impeccable fit are what define the suits of Saint Laurent. Launched in 1961, the company has been catering to suiting needs of men for more than five decades. What makes this brand stand out is the sleek design of its suit that accentuates the masculinity of a man.
The company uses the staple wool and gabardine fabrics to manufacture suits that feel soft and fluffy on the body. Saint Laurent has a reputation for experimenting with the suiting and it keeps coming with new fabrics and patterns in its new clothing line.
A suit is the most important dress in a men’s wardrobe. These are eight brand that you can turn for buying the best suits for your specific needs.
Embroidery (needle and thread) is the most loved method to decorate clothing items like jackets, shirts, caps, hats, bags, and beanies. Embroidery service providers do embroidery directly on the clothing and make custom embroidered patches for hats, jackets, and shirts. Many people personalize their caps by attaching custom iron no patches on their caps and shirts.
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