4 Things You Can Learn From Your Child by Jim Rohn Blog

4 Things You Can Learn From Your Child by Jim Rohn | Jul 26, 2019 | Personal Development | Remember the master teacher once said 2,000 years ago, “Unless you can become like little children, your chances are zero; you haven’t got a prayer.” This is a major consideration for adults. Be like children, and remember […]


Six lessons from my mother | Virgin


Six lessons from my mother | Virgin I’m often asked who my biggest inspiration is, and who has had the most profound influence on my business life. Well, I’ve got a lot of good advice over the years, but – like most people I suspect – my mother is the person who has advised me most wisely. […]

How to stay fit & pain-free while cycling?


Cycling Cycling keeps you on the road in everyday life Cycling is principally suitable for everybody. And the best thing about it: it is kind to the joints and is thus the ideal type of sport for all ages. Stay fit Cycling is an endurance sport that stimulates the cardiovascular system and reduces the […]