‘Don’t tattoo my face on your body’ Celine Dion begs Drake — vocal


Singer, Celine Dion has pleaded with Drake not to get a tattoo of her face, two years after he told her he wanted one. The Canadian stars met at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards where Drake, 32, told Celine, 51, that he was “‘like a year away from a Céline […]


Wherever you are // by aaliyah allen


   Mlleshopping would like to present   you again Aaliyah Allen , “High energy, gifted talented Undeniable Star Power, 15Year-Old singer,song writer ,composer and   musician pianist . . which is   getting the admiration and affection of countless fan . Please “stay tuned for more to come” Title/Composer Wherever you are Performer Aaliyah Allen   Wherever you are // […]

Why Me ? by Aaliyah Allen

   Mlleshopping would like to present  again as promise Aaliyah Allen , The Next Alicia Keys! “This is her first original song Song Lyrics written by her Aaliyah Allen High energy, gifted talented Undeniable Star Power, 14-Year-Old singer , musician pianist and song writer . . which will soon be  getting the admiration and affection of countless fan . Please […]