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Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is known to cause low back pain, but diagnosing can be hard for some doctors. Especially those that do not have a great deal of experience in sacroiliac joint pain. However, chiropractors specialize in this area as the SI joint is an important part of the musculoskeletal […]


Drinking tea supports a healthy brain


Drinking tea supports a healthy brain September 13, 2019. Research reported on June 14, 2019 in the journal Aging revealed a brain benefit in association with regular tea drinking. “Our results offer the first evidence of positive contribution of tea drinking to brain structure, and suggest that drinking tea regularly has a protective […]

Vegans at risk of choline deficiency


Vegans at risk of choline deficiency September 2, 2019. While the intake of a plant-based diet has significant benefits, vegans may risk being deficient in choline. Although this essential nutrient occurs in low amounts in beans, nuts and cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, the best sources of choline are meat, eggs […]