Winter is on the verge of loving and leaving us, and it’s about time we get ready with the spring-summer decor enthusiasm. While there will be a couple of decor changes in the months to come, do you feel like the long hours of daylight might overshadow your favorite lamps? As much as we want to dismiss this thought, it’s true that most lamps, when not in use, disappear into the background of our home. As our lighting needs decrease, their impact on our rooms as elements of decor also become questionable.

But, have you considered this?

If you buy lamps and lighting fixtures that can elevate your decor irrespective of being on or off, could this change the challenge into an opportunity instead? With a wide range of table, floor and ceiling lamps, modern design lets you flaunt your lights all year round. This way, not only do they brighten up your space when in use, but also heighten your decor all by itself.

Let’s take a look at some of these incredible lamps that are bound to look stunning regardless of being on or off:

1.Sunburst Chandeliers

Statement ceiling light-sunburst chandelier over dining area
Source: Ethan Allen

It takes a lot of courage to blend a chandelier in with contemporary decor. While the usual notion of royalty attaches itself to chandeliers, the modern sunburst design turns it into an absolute breakthrough. Moving away from typical crystals to contemporary geometrics, this statement light is a showstopper! Featured as one of the trendiest lamps of the year, this lighting fixture is glamorous for any time of the day or year.

With a luxurious gold finish and a celestial appeal, the sunburst statement light meets our criteria of being an “all-rounder”.

2. Feather Floor Lamps

Ostrich Feather Floor Lamp statement decorative lamps
Source: A Modern Grand Tour

Take a moment to absorb the look and feel of this lamp!

Yes, its the one disguised in feathers 😉 Would you not describe them as pieces of art??

These faux Ostrich Feather Floor Lamps are a stunner for any classic or electrifying style of decor. If you want to make a statement with your decor, then this is definitely for you. Over the top, fluffy, trendy…it’s definitely a winner!

Available in a splendid range of colors, this lamp does come with an ambitious price tag. I’ve started the feather lamp fund already!

3.  Modern Dazzling Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal decorative Statement light over dining table
Source: Philmelugen

Debunking lofty designs, this decorative crystal chandelier is not just any overhead lighting. Inspired by mid-century aesthetics and linear design, this luxurious crystal chandelier can make any room look grand.

With a combination of dazzling crystals, this chandelier will not only brighten up your Thanksgiving dinner but also leave you plenty of compliments over your Summer tea parties.

4. Bamboo Inspired Floor Lamp

Decorative floor lamp bamboo
Source: Contemporary Lighting

If you’re looking to fill up your floor space with an exceptional statement floor lamp, you might want to look closer.

This gorgeous lamp in copper pink with a basic sturdy structure is inspired by the bamboo plant. Resembling both strength and contemporary spirit, this lamp comes with 3 directional lights. So, not only does it ensure you have enough light but also works as an astonishing piece of decor to beautify your space.

With an art deco appeal and a glimpse of the 21st-century modern lighting design, this floor lamp is inspirational!

5.  Mason Arc Floor Lamp

Arc Led Decorative Floor Lamp
Source: Brightech

Arc lamps are a huge craze when it comes to creating statements for your space, and the Mason Arc Led Floor lamp is no exception. If you’re looking to add some dignified style to your living room, this is the lamp for you. It works well in any kind of traditional and contemporary decor and takes up minimal floor space. 

The double lamp shade, curved stem, and super strong base come in three elite metallic finishes to choose from. Apt for rooms with high ceilings and large floor spaces, this contemporary lamp offers both beauty and radiance.

6. Sculptural Table Lamps

Sculptural decorative table lamp
Source: Circa Lighting

Table lamps are bomb. They’re great for our consoles, nightstands and as attractive decor pieces. But its also true that they often get forgotten (and super dusty) when they’re not in use. A great solution to this dilemma is to stop treating them like any random light source! Bold, bright and sculptural table lamps are a great way to bring back the attention.

Other than fulfilling its usual purpose of lighting, a unique sculptural lamp such as this one will also manage to stand out as a piece of art.

7. Oversized Lighting

statement oversized decorative green lamps in bedroom

Yasss, statement pieces! 😍

Oversized lighting is SO great to use as decorative elements in your space. With an enormous size and bold design, these lights can be used as both table and floor lamps.

While proportion is quintessential to design, oversized lighting creates a completely new perspective to indoor lighting. Besides for serving the sole purpose of lighting, these lamps can be grandly viewed as exceptional pieces of an art installation. So irrespective of being turned on or off, there’s no way you can miss their design punch to the overall decor of your space.

8. Unrefined Shapes

indirect suspended decorative bedroom lighting
Source: Home- Designing

Did the term “unrefined” startle you a bit? Well, it’s true that as much as organics and symmetry attracts one’s attention, so can unrefined shapes.

I mean, take a look at this contemporary bedroom. The first thing that grabs your attention here is definitely the suspended bedside lamps. Not only do they serve as a pair of exclusive decorative lighting for this bedroom, but also make you think differently about modern lighting and how to be creative in your own space.

9. Statement Pendant Lamps

Statement decorative pendant lamp in living room
Source: Bilyana Dimitrova

Living rooms are meant to be the warm and inviting spaces of our homes. So that means every detail that we add here should leave a memorable impression about the rest of our home.

The ethereal feature of this light fixture holds the master key to the decor of this living room. Much like a huge piece of cloud floating in your ceiling, this statement piece will look gorgeous amongst most kinds of decor, regardless of being used as a lamp or not.

10. Urban LED Lamps

Led Decorative Statement floor Lamp
Source: Brightech

Urban LED lamps are changing the definition of modern-day lighting. Not only are they bringing affordable lighting solutions to everyday homes, but LED in multiple design choices are adorning homes with any kind of existing decor.

The Sparc LED has a futuristic design approach, an ultra-thin LED light, and a strong metallic base. With an approximate height of 67 inches, this ornate modern lamp can be adjusted to perfection just the way you need it to be. And when not in use, this is no doubt a major conversational piece of decor for your home.